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What is The Sex Guide

TheSexGuide Is The Overdog For Online Hookup And Dating Sites!

TheSexGuide operates as a directory on the best dating sites for adult fun, hookups, meetups and every niche in between. Whether you are looking for some low-cost fun online or the most premium dating offers and discounts in the world, you can find them all here! Each site featured in our lists is given a number and ranked in order of user and customer satisfaction, so you know you are only finding the best of the best!

Looking for a specific dating site? Just drop its name in our search bar to get directed to our review.

Can't decide where to sign up? Check out our "Featured" list for some of our most unique top rated sites.

We always ensure that our listed sites are not only updated regularly but are also the safest of the bunch. So, regardless if you are looking to chat with someone who shares your fetishes or some real-life discreet fun, you know that you are not only signing up to the top dating sites at the time, but also that the people you are chatting with are genuine and real!

Want To Know How We Became The Top Dog? Here's Our Story!

When looking for the best dating sites out there, we all depend on Google and other search engines to find them. However, we noticed that the results are often based on hype and popularity rather than true reviews by actual users. Today there must be thousands if not millions of dating sites out there, so reviewing them all might seem like an impossible task... The good thing is, we are up for the challenge!

Each one of our lists takes into consideration the ease of use, features and relevance a site has for its categorised niches. We do all the hard work so you can not only find a super safe and fun experience, but also a place where you can be open about your sexual preferences, join others in sex chats and maybe even something more!

It's no secret that good marketing can put a dating site on the map, however popularity doesn't always amount to quality. We review everything, from the most well-known dating sites and apps to the lesser known and more obscured that might be holding a candle to even the great and mighty Tinder.

What You Get From TheSexGuide

Are you already signed up to a dating site you like but are not sure how open-minded it will be to your fetishes and sexual preferences? Check out how high it ranks for that specific niche through our listings!

In order to help our users find the best dating sites for their niche, we have split our sites in to more than 15 different categorized lists (and the number keeps growing!). We carefully ranked each dating site, always taking into consideration the users' most wanted features and how useful they are to their users in terms of dating success.

You can find dating sites for:

  • Mainstream Dating
  • Hookup Sites
  • Senior Dating
  • MILF Dating
  • Discreet Dating Sites
  • Sugar Dating Sites
  • Adult Chatting
  • Popular Dating Sites
  • Religious Dating
  • BBW Dating
  • Millionaire Dating
  • Swingers Dating
  • BDSM Sites
  • Adult Dating
  • International Dating
  • LGBTQ+ Dating
  • Porn Games
  • Live Sex

Let's not forget our "Featured" dating sites which were the Top Rated by our dating experts, as well as our "Dating Sites With Most Users" list with the best chances at finding you an online sex partner!

Ranking Process

Our rankings get updated every time a new dating site review is added to our lists. This is usually within a week of the latest one. We perform manual checks on each and every dating site we feature in our lists and make sure to go through their registration process, features and prices to provide you with a 100% genuine dating site review.

Most dating site reviewers out there today barely scratch the surface of what the dating site is really like, however we like to do things a bit more differently. You'd be surprised how many people end up signing up to dating sites out there which are filled with fake profiles, so if you are considering a dating site, how about you check out our review? You might just dodge a bullet!

Staying Safe On Dating Sites

There are, of course, some things a simple dating site review cannot save you from. Even the big names in the industry, like Tinder, have been found to feature some fake profiles here and there, so it's important that you stay vigilant in your naughty online quest.

You might have heard these before, but here's a few things to keep in mind when chatting with other people online:

- Take Your Time: Allow yourself to get to know the other person as well as you can before you share any deeply personal information with them.

- Don't Fall For The Love Scams: A common trope is getting you as attached as possible to a fake life scenario behind a pretty face, followed by an "emergency" of sorts. Be smart about it, ask for more details and question the situation, never directly send money to another person you've never met in real life before.

- Trust Your Instinct: You'd be surprised how many people get a bad feeling from their chatting partners and choose to ignore it. If something rubs you the wrong way, there's probably a reason for it.

- Let Someone Know: Just in case things go south on your first real life date, let someone know where you will be and when you expect on being back. Always arrange a date in a public place and have someone you know drive you to the location.

Getting Listed Requirements & Dealbreakers

Got a dating site you'd like to see us review and include in our listings? There's no need to pay a dime!

Contact us today with the site you'd like to see featured in our listings in the future and we will make sure to do our thing at some point down the line.

Most of our "Featured" dating sites stood out for our dating experts so we decided to create a list dedicated to those unique dating sites. Having an original or never-seen-before dating feature is definitely a way to push the review of your dating site to the front of our to-do list!

Your dating site will go through an array of in-house tests before it is placed in our listings. We pride ourselves in providing our users with only the most trustworthy of reviews to date, so you can request to have your dating site removed from our listing if you so wish.

How To List A Site With Us

Listing a dating site with us is simple and straightforward! Just click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom right of your screen to get redirected to our contact form!

We always try to reply to support tickets as quickly as possible, please be patient as one member of our team reviews your query.

FAQ (Throw Us A Bone Here)

Do you own any of the dating sites listed on TheSexGuide?

We do not own any of the dating sites in our lists (that would only make it biased), we hold no responsibility for the content featured in any of the websites we have reviewed. In case you have been exposed to unsolicited pornographic content or any form of copyright infringement please content the dating site directly.

Can you help me find a girlfriend online?

As much as we'd like to guarantee your romantic happiness, we can only help make the journey slightly easier. Once you've signed up to one of the above dating sites, you are on your own. As a tip though, remember to always be respectful, no one likes rejection but it's no excuse to be rude!

I think you have mislisted a dating site.

Our listings are carefully put together by a team of professional reviewers to provide you with the best possible results we can. If you believe that a dating site has been mislisted, contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.