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Qkkie Review

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Introduction To

A fairly new dating site, Qkkie, has had quite an abrupt increase in popularity over the course of the last year. Having become especially prominent in the United States, followed by the UK, it is geared more towards English-speaking countries. The main aim of is to connect people who’d rather remain discreet while looking for casual dating online. Considering that, it’s no wonder the majority of their visitors and users are men in their early- to mid-twenties. In fact, there are three times the amount of men in comparison to women on the site.

In this Qkkie review, we will go over the costs that come with creating an account, how long the registration process is, and a few security points to keep in mind. Additionally, we will discuss whether there’s a Qkkie app, its features, and some of its pros and cons.

Qkkie Pros & Cons


  • Incentives for free coins

  • Large dating pool

  • Simple and easy-to-navigate interface

  • Nudity is allowed


  • No available Qkkie app

  • It can be quite expensive

  • Some ads

  • AI-generated profiles

Qkkie Login Process

The Qkkie dating site has one of the quickest registration processes we’ve come across. Initially, it just asks for a username, a valid email address, and a password, followed by the user’s gender (male or female) and age. You will be presented with a tick box, ensuring that you have read and understand their terms and policies. However, even if you don’t tick the box, just by clicking the “Sign Up” button, the site will automatically consider your confirmation.

Once you have accessed the site, you will be prompted to complete your profile in order to “get FREE COINS”. The Qkkie website has a total of 6 steps to follow in order to reach profile completion:

  • Confirm Email (80 coins)

  • Profile Picture (10 coins)

  • Update Location

  • Your Interests (10 coins)

  • About You (10 coins)

  • Set Ice Breaker (10 coins)

Each action grants the user 10 coins excluding the “Confirm Email”, which gives 80, and “Update Location”, which is included in the “About You” section. Just by signing up, the site seems to offer 90 coins, for a total of 210 upon profile completion. We will cover what you can do with those coins on Qkkie .com in the “Prices & Costs” section further below.

Qkkie com Features


The “Search” menu tab on Qkkie presents the user with a list of possible matches. Signing up as a man, you will be presented with only female profiles, and signing up as a female, you will be presented with only male profiles. The page shows users’ profile pictures, age, distance from you, and their ice breakers. You will also be able to tell who is currently online and offline by a grey and green dot.

Possibly, the most important part of Qkkie’s “Search” area is their filters. These consist of body type, age, ethnicity, and hair colour. These are great for those who’d like to narrow down their dating pool and find only people they find attractive or compatible. The search filters feature the same options you can complete on your own profile under “About Me”, so you can know which searches you might show up in.

Favorites includes a “star” icon for each dating profile you can find on the site. When clicked on, you will be able to add certain people to your “Favorites”. The users are not notified when you “favorite” them, which allows you to get back to them when you make the time.

Your “Favorites” list makes it easy to find a profile which made an impression on you. You can also start a new conversation with someone who’s your type if your chatting partner has gone offline or is taking too long to respond.


The “Activity” tab is split into two sections: “Profile views” and “Who liked you”. Both sections record the time and date someone either viewed or liked your profile, with the top result always being the most recent.

The lists give you the opportunity to check out others who might be interested in you, or you simply caught their eye while they were scrolling. This is especially so for the Qkkie profiles under “Who liked you”, as it’s clear they wanted to capture your attention.

You can also “like” another person’s profile by visiting them and clicking “Like”, which is a great way to spark their interest without having to pull out your best pick-up line. This can also trigger the other person to message you first, which takes away from the anxiety of sending that first Qkkie com chat message.


Your inbox is where all the magic happens! You can continue your conversations, start new ones, and discover a new prospective adult friend! Much like the “Activity” tab, the “Inbox” tab is split into three different sections: “All”, “Unread”, and “Active”.

Your “Active” Qkkie com chat area features conversations you’ve either started or replied to, which is a great way to filter out the important people in your inbox. The “Unread” can be messages from your active conversations you did not get back to or new people reaching out to you. Finally, “All” features every single Qkkie com chat message you have either received or started with the most recent showing at the top.

Qkkie Prices & Costs

As you might expect, Qkkie works on a coin basis as far as its costs are concerned. Coins can be used in three ways: messages, spins, and revealing profile pictures. The first is pretty self-explanatory; you spend a certain amount of coins to send messages to the people you are interested in. The spins are used on Qkkie’s Lucky Wheel game, where you can win a large amount of coins without paying a dime. Finally, some images on others’ profiles are locked, but you can unlock them using coins. Both messages, spins, and revealing cost 40 coins each.

Qkkie com Coins Packages Costs

There is a total of 6 coin packages, and here’s the breakdown:

200 coins for $4.99 ($0.99 per message or spin)

480 coins for $11.99 ($0.99 per message or spin)

1,000 coins for $24.95 ($0.99 per message or spin)

1,900 coins for $39.95 ($0.84 per message or spin)

4,400 coins for $89.95 ($0.82 per message or spin)

12,000 coins for $199.95 ($0.67 per message or spin)

Qkkie Security

Personal Data Shared

Qkkie is quite upfront about the fact that they will share the personal information featured on your profile with third parties. In fact, they go as far as to break down what kinds of third parties they might partner up with:

  • Credit card processing companies

  • Email service providers

  • Sales partners

  • Data partners

  • Marketing partners

  • Social media companies

  • Other business partners

The majority of which seem to exist in order to help with certain security or marketing efforts they might have. Although the driving of traffic is not something we can criticise them on, it can lead users to untrustworthy websites for which Qkkie takes no responsibility.

Interactions With Other Users On Qkkie com Chat

So, is Qkkie legit? Well, it can be. According to their Terms and Conditions, they try to keep their member’s area devoid of spam profiles and as legitimate as possible. However, they also clarify that they will use AI-generated profiles during “low attendance hours”. This is so they can keep users on the site and chat “uninterruptedly”.

Considering the above, however, users still get charged the normal rate of coins when they converse with AI-generated profiles. What this means is that you might end up spending a good amount of time and money on someone who does not even exist.

Thankfully, they also take some measures to signify to the users that the profiles they are talking to are probably not real. More specifically, any green, grey or red stadium icons with the texts “online” or “offline” on their profile pictures or next to their usernames. So, if you are only looking for real interactions, then look out for those icons. Conclusion

All in all, has its own unique charm as far as other dating and hookup sites nowadays are concerned. Unlike the astronomically large number of sites incorporating their version of Tinder’s “Swiping” feature to attract more people, Qkkie keeps things simple and straightforward.

Not every profile is genuine, just like not every profile is AI generated, so we’d advise treading carefully when you start conversing with others on Qkkie. More specifically, we’d recommend taking a look at their profile before you start feeling those sparks fly. Also, remember that Qkkie is mainly focused on English-speaking countries, so watch out if you don’t live in the US or UK.

Summing up, if you’re just looking for a chatting partner, the Qkkie com chat can keep you occupied for a long time. It can be quite expensive, though, so don’t go overboard with the coins and messages. As we mentioned above, there is no available Qkkie app right now, so unless you don’t mind using your mobile browser, you’ll have to wait to chat on-the-go. All in all, we’d say give it a try; you might just end up finding what you’re looking for.

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